About Us

Kimball Productions is a creative team of dedicated individuals focused on making great motion picture stories of all kinds, ranging from Continuing Medical Education (CME) to corporate, narrative, and beyond. 

With over 10 years of experience in the field of CME, we have learned how crucial both attention to detail and efficient processes are in making videos for medical professionals and clinicians. This same mindset and intentionality carry over into the stories we craft for clients across various other industries.

Before March 2020, KPRO Team members traveled extensively with a portable 4K studio, capturing CME activities at conferences and meetings around the globe, across multiple medical disciplines. When travel came to a standstill and conferences were canceled, medical professionals still needed to maintain their certifications. Kimball Productions stepped up to meet that challenge by creating virtual processes to serve our clients with greater speed and leaner efficiencies, with the same high standards our customers have come to expect. We’re so good at what we do, that not even a worldwide pandemic can stop us.  And we’re dedicated to serving you no matter what challenges may come about.

Our Team

Tom Kimball

Founder & Executive Producer

Tom Kimball is the founder and co-owner of Kimball Productions as well as the company’s CEO, executive producer, and creative director. Tom is also a professional actor, published author, and retired US Air Force Public Affairs chief master sergeant.

I’ve noticed over the 40-plus years of my experience that great storytelling doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is best played out in creative collaboration. Sure, there are times when you’re alone with a great story idea that needs telling… but I believe before that idea can reach the screen, it needs a group of like-minded people to put their hands all over that clay, shaping it, giving it purpose and substance, discovering its truth, revealing its beauty. I love that about visual stories. Whether it’s for a commercial, a training film, a corporate promotional piece or a narrative film, the joy in the telling is in the refinement of process.

Ben Kimball

Partner, Creative Director

Ben Kimball is co-owner of Kimball Productions and the COO, senior editor, producer, and screenwriter. He holds a master’s of fine arts in screenwriting and serves part-time as a public affairs officer in the Colorado Air National Guard.

I’ve always believed in the power of stories to change lives. I find the most powerful stories are those that connect with me on an emotional level and cause me to reflect on the relationships I value in my life. I love it when I can help a client or a colleague get to the heart of their messaging and find a way to communicate their story to others through compelling visual media.

Ashley Brown

Director of Operations

Ashley Brown is a Colorado native, wife, Jesus-lover, foodie, CSU alum, and the Director of Operations for Kimball Productions. As a detail-obsessed empath with a diplomatic nature and a deep love for people and processes, she thrives in executing everything “behind-the-scenes” to keep all cylinders firing for the KPRO Team and its amazing clientele.

I have served customers and clients in various capacities for most of my life, ranging from brewing up lattes, to managing website-builds for hundreds of small businesses, to directing the operations of Kimball Productions. With that, KPRO has totally reinvented how I see client care in the corporate world – meaning, it doesn’t feel corporate but still maintains that sort of high-level of professionality and follow-through. The intentionality with which we collaboratively create a well-rounded, consistent, positive, and reliable Customer Experience is one of our most powerful distinctives. Tom and Ben have lovingly crafted a people-first company which is evident in the way employees, stakeholders, and clientele are treated and in the magical deliverables that are created. KPRO truly delivers on an experience instead of just a service.

Paul Ballain


Paul Ballain has been working in the industry for over 15 years with a passion for telling stories via video that stir emotion and move people to action. He is an accomplished cinematographer and editor which allows him to turn a concept into a creative visual reality. With 23 years of experience working in corporate business, he also understands how to build strong relationships at every level of an organization to ensure every project is completed on time and on budget.

Phil Jackson’s quote “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” defines the Kimball Productions team perfectly. Each member of our team is so gifted at what they do and when we come together, 1+1 really does equal 3. I’ve never been part of an organization of people that work so well together. We constantly collaborate and lift each other up which allows us to excel at everything we do.

Chandler Zastrow


Chandler Zastrow is a creative editor and cinematographer, with a love of all things film. You can find him hauling his camera gear to every event, hoping to capture the beauty of life as it happens. He also loves to travel, as he is in a constant search of the most beautiful places to film and the greatest salmon nigiri in the world.

My favorite hobby is to try and capture the world around me and produce content that makes everyday life look like a film. Amazing moments are happening all around us, so I do everything I can to capture them through that cinematic lens. When I get to do this for clients, there is no better moment than seeing them watch their idea or project come to life cinematically in front of their eyes.